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Blended Family Couple
Welcome to the


As the outreach arm of a 501c3 non-profit, our MISSION is to provide live-changing counseling to blended families in need.

We are the only TEAM of BLENDED FAMILY therapists that offers clinical know-how with personal experiences in a blended family to help you create the new family that you long for.

All of our therapists:

  • have parented in a blended family or grew up in a step-family, making them more equipped to help you because they have LIVED the experience.

  • are trained clinically and professionally as therapists and/or coaches.

  • offer concrete tools and exercises so real change can start taking place right away.

                Are you...?

  • Struggling as a step-parent—not able to make anyone happy?

  • Has your family split into factions, not trusting each other, avoiding meaningful conversations?

  • Does it feel like your partner is always upset at you or your children?

  • Do you have a difficult ex-wife or ex-husband who loves to cause problems that you get blamed for? 

  • Are you considering re-marrying a partner who has children but are afraid of what you might be getting into?

  • Do you walk on egg-shells around your step-children?

  • Does step-children complain that "it's not fair!"

  • Are you afraid to tell your bio-children that they will have another adult in their lives? Are you worried how it will impact their relationship with their biological parent?

  • Does your blended family household feel chaotic without anyone in charge? Or like a prison, where no-one can make a mistake?

  • Do you long for a unified blended family where everyone gets along and feels loved?

If so, you are in the RIGHT PLACE!!
Blended Family
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